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Interior Design

Interior Design


Interior Design Team

Every great Project needs a powerful Team wok together. We stand here to make your imagination into the realistic by using our approach – Vision, Value, and Execution.

What are you trying to accomplish?  We start by understanding your vision.

Then we think about your Desire– what Willing do you want to accomplish as you walk through your beautiful project ?  The answer to those fundamental questions allows us to start crafting a unique vision for your idea. Using colors, textures, finishes, and shapes, we start bringing that vision to life, always with VALUE – the economics of the project in mind.

The Execution stage is where we bring this all together for you. We understand that key metrics like ADR, Occupancy, and REVPAR drive your return on investment so our designs aren’t over engineered, frivolous or disconnected from reality.


Your vision or our imagination. Either works for us. Our designers love to let the creative juices flow. You never know what they will come up with! Let us develop an innovative concept for your hotel!


Your budget is our budget. Working with our sourcing team, our design team considers more economical material selections, if necessary, while creating your design. We seek to deliver on your vision and budget.


Starting with an understanding of the client’s objectives and the brand specifications, VIP’s designers create spec manuals that clarify and document all items of the furniture, finishes, and fixtures for the hotel.

Site Survey

Upon request, Vertically Integrated Projects will complete a survey documenting pictures and measurements of your hotel. We work around existing conditions to accommodate your design needs in whatever way possible.

Brand Submittals

We handle all of the brand submittal requirements including spec manuals, ID drawings and samples. We follow up on any revisions required by the brand, if necessary, and receive any final approvals to move forward with your project.

CAD/ID Drawings

Our designers and CAD specialists create detailed Interior Design drawings to ensure proper fit and qty for your hotel. Our ID drawings are used by the architect, general contractors, installers, and for brand submittals and approvals.

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