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Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

With our WPC flooring, you can never turn out badly with trustworthiness, moderateness, and security. The short answer is WPC floors are, like cover flooring, super tough, simple to introduce and prudent! In any case, there is one major refinement - they are waterproof. Waterproof flooring can handle a flood. It does not mean that water won’t get around or past a waterproof plank. They don’t shrinkwrap your subfloor. Having a waterproof floor doesn’t mean your entire house will handle the flooding, but once all is cleaned up, your flooring can just be dried off and put right back in place, rather than thrown away and expensively replaced.

Stone Plastic Composite (SPC)

The Stone Plastic(Polymer) Composite flooring, also often called rigid core flooring in the industry, is a much cheaper product.  Different from Wood Plastic(Polymer) Composite, or WPC, the SPC core contains no wood particles which makes it more stable and harder.  And the lack of vinyl veneer makes it more resilient under heat.   However, there are some major drawbacks of such construction.  First, the manufacturing process of SPC flooring only allows a very thin layer of veneer being laminated to the core.  Much like the now almost obsolete laminate flooring, there’s limitation to what the visual can achieve with such thin layer of veneer.  Secondly, the density of the core makes it much less acoustically pleasing once it’s installed.  Lastly, the rigidness of the planks makes it impossible to conform to any unevenness of the subfloor.  This can end up with more “hollow spots” after installation.  

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